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Is there any option to configure Kibana (ELK 7.6.2) free authentication without x-pack?

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Hi @d.silwon,

Kibana offers free authentication as part of our Basic license. This includes many x-pack features for free, and does not require any registration to use.

The full list of features is available here:

Hi @Larry_Gregory ,

Which is the free authorization type? In official documention for Kibana we have:
Basic authentication
Token authentication
Public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication
SAML single sign-on
OpenID Connect single sign-on
Kerberos single sign-on

Is there need to enable xpack in elasticsearch configuration?

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The short version is that you can manage users and roles within Kibana/Elasticsearch for free (these are the native and file realms). The paid authentication realms are generally those which connect to external identity providers, such as Kerberos, SAML, Open ID Connect, Kerberos, PKI, etc.

Kibana can be configured to use either the basic or token auth providers in conjunction with the free native and file realms described above.

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Is there any good doc which describe step by step how to turn on such type of authorization?


There's a great blog post here with instructions:

Nice doc but I'm not shure if this described method is free of charge because there are enabled some paid options in the configuration: true true certificate elastic-certificates.p12 elastic-certificates.p12

As far as I'm aware, everything in that blog post is describing free features. The settings you referenced are for securing node-to-node communications

OK, thank you very much

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