Kibana full text search

Hi I have recently ingested apache logs to ES through logstash and I am analyzing them through Kibana . Few of the log lines contains the phrase- java.lang.outofmemory.....but when I search for the word "memory" in the kibana search bar it doesn't show up the document containing above phrase.
but when I search for "java.lang.outofmemory" it comes up.
I am below ELK versions-
ES : 2.3.0

looks like the default analyzer considering the whole phrase java.lang.outofmemory as one term rather than splitting it up into java,lang,outofmemory
Do need to change the standard analyzer to english analyzer?
Please help

You will need to make sure that it's an analyzed field and the tokenizer/tokenfilter makes sense for how you want to query the information. You can read about that here: and

The english analyzer might not work since the words are not split up by whitespace or punctation.

You can use the settings API to view the analyzed fields:

Thank you