Kibana Fundamentals instructions

The instructions are not aligning with the environment - can't get past step 13

  1. Edit/Enable Machine Learning doesn't exist - it's not as cut and cry as that, the work around take awhile to figure out
  2. "this file" downloads... however, "import" doesn't exist. "Add data" does but the upload fails.

Please clarify what needs to be done here. Can't move on further in the training without it.


Which Elastic version are you using?

I'm using your training platform - so which ever one is included there

I cannot know you the version of your cloud deployment. It would be great if you could post it here. Anyway, there is a video when you click on show answer after "d. Upload the data". This video should make it clear what needs to be done. I managed to ingest the file just now.

The UI changed a bit, but not that much. The following screenshot should help you find where you need to go to import the data. Let me know if you need further help:

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