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Hi there,
would anyone be able to help with Importing Log file into Kibana?
I am trying to import *.log file from server through kibana/app/home - Import log file.
However, in process of analyzing I keep getting error File could not be read.

Any idea where I could look for error log more deeply, or any suggestion what to look for?
THanks in advance.

Hello @mariannoem-eltras

Do you see an error in the browser console or in the kibana logs? Which version and license of the elastic stack are you using?


I am getting that error in web browser. Google chrome.
However i have not seen that error in logs of kibana yet

Which version and license of the elastic stack are you using?

Could you provide a screenshot of the error? Does google chrome show any errors in the console?

Could you provide me with your logs or a sample that reproduces the problem?

sure I will collect all logs and screenshots on monday morning.
Thanks so far.
License, we are using free version so far.

attaching 2 images with error in browser, and error in browser with console opened.
I have tried to look for logs inside containers, but did not get anything from there.
I wonder if this might have something to do with DLP on my laptop?
Thanks for help.

this also might be an issue with uploading large file?
Where can I find the max allowed upload file for this issue?

This might provide some methods of resolving your large upload problem - [ML] Uploading a file over 100MB via Kibana · Issue #61735 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Max size is 100MB, changeable via Kibana Advanced settings to as much as 1GB in recent versions of Kibana

thanks for all inputs, but I have checked the upload size (its on 100MB).
I also tried to split log files into size <10MB and the result is still the same.
I wonder if would be there some other option how to get log files into kibana.

If it is not a file size issue, then obviously it must be something else - perhaps a bug in interpreting what's in your file. If you have a few sample lines of the file, please post somewhere. One of us could test it.

hi, for now I have resolved it by copying logs to separate server, konfigure filebeat to deliver logs to logstash, and parse them properly with logstash.
The other way was denyied by my company as we are health insurance company and they dont like to share private data.
So for now guys thanks, seems that this feature is realy just experimental, but I managed to import log file with size 800kb, not more.
Seems to hard for me to split 200MB file into 800kb and than upload them one by one :slight_smile:
Thanks for your effor.

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