RE: "File structure cannot be determined" - Visualize data from a log file

Hello everyone, I keep on getting a "File structure cannot be determined" error message whenever I try to manually upload a JSON .txt and/or .csv wayy under 100MB (as pictured).

Links to dataset: KDD Cup 1999 Data
NSL-KDD | Datasets | Research | Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity | UNB

Looking for guidance as to how to resolve this issue.

The file(s) is a DDOS dataset that I am looking into as a data analysis exercise. The goal is to build dashboards

Hi, I've tried locally with the dataset provided, trying to upload each of the .txt file available and everyone worked without issues. It definitely doesn't work with other, non-textual, files.

Could you please tell us the Kibana version you are using and the server OS where is running?

Hey Marco, i'm using Ubuntu 20.04 inside a Windows 10 Home - VMware environment. Kibana version is v 7.12.1.

That's strange, none of the formats works for me, gives me an error message everytime. What do you think it is? Thanks.

can you double check the csv format? when opening the .txt file do you see just rows of values separated by a comma?

Could you please check if this issue is somehow related: Error importing a simple csv file on Data Visualizer · Issue #96425 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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