Machine learning - Data visualiser unable to determine file structure


I am attempting to load a CSV using the Machine learning - Data visualiser, however if i upload a file with more than 30K records, the Machine learning - Data visualiser fails to determine the file structure.

I have attempted to apply the manual overwrite however that also fails.

CSV file has 3 columns
ID, Latitude, Longitude

These are the settings auto determined for a file with 30k or less records

Any pointers or guidance will be appreciated.


Are you running version 7.8 or above? If you are then on failure you should see the "Explanation so far", like in the second screenshot in What does that say?

Another possibility is that there's a proxy protecting Kibana that is limiting upload sizes. There is more discussion about how that manifests itself in Error importing a simple csv file on Data Visualizer · Issue #96425 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

I think the proxy upload limit possibility is more likely, because unless you changed "Number of lines to sample" to be bigger than the default of 1000 the structure of the 30000 line file after line 1001 should not affect whether the analysis succeeds.

The final possibility is a slow network connection - there's more about that in [ML] File data visualizer times out uploading log file · Issue #70750 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

Many thanks for the response.

It was due to the the proxy server, we have a reverse proxy to provide a clean URL, i have managed to get it to work by accessing the instance on the elastic URL.

Many thanks.

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