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I'm trying to upload a csv file using "Machine Learning" -> "data visualizer" (a couple of octets for the size) so i selected my file. The issue is the upload task remains loading and showing the message : "Analyzing data" and it never upload the file.
Logs on ML node and kibana dont show any information about this problem.
Do any body have an idea about this issue?


How large is the file you are trying to analyse and which browser are you using?
Would it be possible for you to supply an example of its contents?
If the file is large it might be worth cutting it down (e.g 100 lines) to see if can then be analysed.


Same issue regardless the browser: i tried 3 different browers (chrome, Firefox and I.E) .
The file contains data test that i get from internet. I have only 4 lines, here is the contents:

2014-06-23 00:00:00Z,AAL,132.2046
2014-06-23 00:00:00Z,JZA,990.4628
2014-06-23 00:00:00Z,JBU,877.5927
2014-06-23 00:00:00Z,KLM,1355.4812

FYI, i'm using ES and KB 6.8.2.
In Es config (elasearch.yml) should i configure the node to a ingest Node (besides ml node) or ml node is enough?

That data looks like our farequote example dataset and it should not have any issues being analyzed.
From your original description it sounded like you weren't even getting to the upload stage, and it was hanging when trying to analyze the file.
Would it be possible to use chrome's dev tools to look at the network communication to see if the analyze_file endpoint is returning ok?
You'll need to look for the endpoint call to api/ml/file_data_visualizer/analyze_file, it should have returned successfully with a 200 and look something like this:

Also, are there any other errors in chrome's console?


Thanks James for your your quick answer.
"analyze_file" endpoint looks ok, please find a screenshot for the result :


No more actions after "analyze_file".
Otherwise there some JSon errors (may be it could helps to find the issue ):


It looks like response from the analyze_file endpoint is not valid JSON and might perhaps contain html.
Could you please send me the response from the endpoint, you can see it by selecting analyse_file in the devtools network tab.

Hello James,
Thanks for your precious assistance. you had (almost) grasped the problem!
Actually, the issue is not the file format but a security layer that prohibit the file analyzing.
so i have to check my proxy settings to allow this step :wink: i think it'll we be good then.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Ok great, I'm glad it's all sorted.

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