Kibana Fundamentals - Limited Offer - Issue to load file

Hi All,
During the first part of the course "Kibana Fundamentals - Limited Offer" on the LAB activity called “Lab 1: Introduction to Kibana" at the point 13 I have to load on Kibana one file called "users_0.json" that I downloaded from your website during the point 12 of the lAB activity, but when I load the file on Kibana after initial analysis the Kibana show me the error in the image atached:

Please can you help me to solve this issue so I can continue with the course.


Thanks for reporting your issue.

The time-out request is probably because of a slow connection on your side. Make sure to use a cluster deployed in the closest region possible (for instance if you are in Luxembourg, try to deploy the cluster in Belgium).

Another solution could be to cut the file in 2 or 4 files and index the files separately.


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