Kibana Generate CSV - Could Not Load Plugin

Hi there, I am trying to export some data using Share > CSV Reports > Generate CSV feature (see picture). Once the file is ready to download, a new tab would normally open and trigger the download of the CSV file. However, recently the new tab that pops up displays "Could not load plugin" - I've tried different browsers and I get the same issue. Has anyone seen this issue before? Can someone help me out?

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 2.28.53 PM

At least at first glance this message doesn't look like a Kibana message, but I might be mistaken. Which version of the stack are you running? What's the URL of the page showing the Couldn't load plugin?

Make sure it's not some browser extension interfering with the download

This issue is related to the following flag:



It's resolved now! Thanks!

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