Not able to Generate CSV from Management > Kibana > Reporting

After saving a search from Discover page, I am trying to Generate CSV using Share tab but its giving me below error:

Could not create report for csv 'testlogs_03May'.

The reporting job failed

TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'since' of object '#'

More information is available at Management > Kibana > Reporting.

Tried to download same from- Management > Kibana > Reporting, but getting same error.

Even earlier the same data I was able to download in same way without any issue.

Hi @Amit_Singh4,

What version of Kibana are you using? Also, if you could include a screenshot and console output would be very helpful.

Hi @Amit_Singh4 in addition to the version, as Vadims has requested, are there any errors from the Kibana server logs you could provide?

Kibana version: v 7.10.2

And below is the err snap shot:


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