Kibana Geo Maps using Array of Lat Lon in index

Hello Team,

I mapped es index geo point with array in lat and lon as below

I am not able to plot Maps using this "location". Can you help me where i am missing.

Thanks in Advance !!

What is the actual mapping on that field?

Hello Mark,
Thanks for your reply.
Actual mapping on field location is "geo_point"

            "type": "geo_point",
            "ignore_malformed": "true"

I am loading data into elasticsearch using python pandas and json my lat, lon are an array in every row.

Ok, it looks like you have a geo shape is all, as you have multiple points in that one field.

Yes i have multiple points in that one field and it varies from range of 2 values to 20 or so. I can see all value in kibana discovery and well inserted into the index. But when i plot it on geo map no any result just blank map. What could be the probable problem?

The data is malformed but you have in your mapping the setting ignore_malformed. You can still see the data in _source but the data has not been indexed, therefore you cannot see it in Maps.

If you set ignore_malformed to false, you will see a parsing error.

The right way to define an array using lat/lon notation is:

    "lat" :  0,
    "lon":  0
    "lat" :  1,
    "lon":  1
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Thank you for your comment it was really quick and helpful. Now i am able to convert any lat, lon python data into kibana geo_point. Thanks again for explaining the structure.


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