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Hello Team,

I know this question has been asked many times, but just wish to know if this is possible in the latest Kibana version 8.1, below is my query

I have 2 host groups, each containing a set of systems, lets take the below figures

Group A: 20 machines
Group B: 40 machines

Is it possible to use Kibana Goal chart ( Circle ) to automatically take the value of the number of machines in each group and set it as the Max value? Currently I am setting this value manually for each of these Groups to display the progress bar.

Thanks in Advance.

Hey! This is not possible at the aggregation-based goal. In Lens gauge, we offer the ability to dynamically set the goal value (check the screenshot below, I am using the max aggregation for setting the goal value)

What is not possible atm at Lens gauges is the ability to breakdown (have multiple gauges split by terms for example) but we are working on it and hopefully it will be added in one of the next 8.x releases.

Hey, this very much answers my question. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Would be great if you can add the Half and Full Circle Gauge visualisation in the coming version, to the current list of Vertical/Horizontal Gauge that is available.

We are not planning to add full/half circles in Lens but we are planning to improve significantly the metrics visualizations Metric + micro combo visualization · Issue #1578 · elastic/elastic-charts · GitHub. So maybe this one might support your use case better.

@Stratoula_Kalafateli , this looks awesome. Thanks for the heads up.! :+1: Will wait for the future version to use these charts.

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