Kibana gauge visualization

I am trying to achieve one usecase, i want to see the sales per country vs targeted sales for that particular country with the help of guage chart. But I'm not able to see add the targeted value for each country.

|Country |Targeted Sales |Achieved Sales|
|India |10000 |5000|
|China |20000 |10000|
|USA |30000 |10000|
|Australia |15000 |1500|

I can show this one in bar chart but not able to show in gauges or goals. Can somebody please help me with this.

In 8.1 Lens added support for bullet charts (which are like gauges, but straight instead of angled). It allows you to pick different metrics for value and goal which sounds exactly like what you need. The only downside: It doesn't allow to break down by some field like country to have multiple gauges side by side - you need to do that "manually" by creating separate panels on a dashboard.

Thanks you so much for your reply, but I am using 7.1 version. I will try to migrate and achieve this scenario

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