Kibana Speedometer

Can we have a needle inside the Gauge pointing to the value? Is there any way to add the needle in the gauge. I am using the latest version now (i.e, Kibana 7.12.1)

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@warkolm Mark Walkom @kibanaPluginDev @kibana_anil

can you help with this..

Am facing a similar problem.

Kibana doesn't currently support gauge needles, however there's a request for it: Display the needle/pointer for Gauge/Goal charts · Issue #23264 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Just Incase these might satisfy what your looking for, a little Compuond Gauge the we created in Vega. There is one for Percents and one for Scalars. There is quite a bit of flexibility... however it is in Vega which is not as friendly to everyone.


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It's a good opportunity to give a bit more context: there are ongoing discussions about adding bullet graphs to Lens. This is considered generally superior to circular gauge arcs, not just due to space saving but also, readability. It has more features than circular gauges generally do. Often, there are better options than circular gauges, not just bullet graphs but sometimes, one or multiple gauges can be replaced by a bar chart

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I look forward to better representation..

This would help the developers to have more options for representation on Kibana than using other applications to create customised views.

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