Kibana goes down if a specific node is down

Greetings to all,

I have a 3 node es-cluster (2 data and master-eligible nodes and 1 dedicated master node).
Kibana is installed on the first node, pointing out to the host address that acts as a load balancer. For example let's say we have,, and kibana points to

My problem is that:

If the second data node is down or if the dedicated master is down, kibana continues to operates, properly showing that the nodes are offline. If the first node goes down, kibana reports that it cannot find any es living connections and goes down until the node is restored.

I have read several docs about adding a dedicated coordinating only node, but from my understanding any node can act implicitly as a coordinator.

Can you please help me if I am missing something? Thanks in advance!

At some point Kibana's elasticsearch.url option that took a single host changed to elasticsearch.hosts, that takes a list of hosts (all must be in the same cluster). That would eliminate your need to use the load balanced url. At this point, it could be a load balancer issure* or a elastic stack issue, hard to say.

  • Some load balancers won't fail over existing "sessions" to another living address, they only route "new" session.

That's great! I will try and come back with the results. Thank you

Any node will implicitly act as a coordinator, but nodes that are master or data type have other responsibilities for keeping the cluster stable. So when a node is configured to be coordinating-only for clients to talk to exclusively, they can potentially receive high traffic it can take the load off master and data nodes and help preserve cluster stability.

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