Clustering of Kibana on Different Hosts

Hi Team,

I have setup Elasticsearch with 7.8 version on 8 nodes with 3 master nodes and 5 data nodes and found that Elasticsearch is working if one Elasticsearch went down.

Also, I am using Logstash as my log processor and configured multiple logstash nodes pointing to the above 3 Elasticsearch nodes and found that Logstash is working fine even if other logstashes went down.

The same scenario I want for Kibana but I don't find any proper documentation. I configured Kibana to point to all the above 3 Elasticsearch masters so that if any Elasticsearch node goes down Kibana pulls from the other.

But how can I configure Kibana in such a way that even if one Kibana goes down I should be able to access the dashboard without any manual intervention.

If any load balancer is to be suggested then please also suggest the way where there should not be any single point of failure and no manual intervention as how Elasticsearch and Logstash are configured.

Logically, you can run a second KIbana instance and put a nginx in front of two Kibana instances to load balance.

Thank you Wang for your response.

I got an idea of having a front end like nginx or httpd in front of multiple Kibana instances but I have the following queries in that architecture:

  1. Will the index patterns, visualizations, dashboards, saved queries created on one kibana instance be reflected on the other kibana instances ?
  2. If one kibana instance goes down, will the other kibana instance automatically displays the same data what I had created through the failed Kibana instance without any manual intervention ?
  3. What if the front end nginx or httpd goes down then again it would be a single point of failure ?

Could you please suggest a solution that solves all the above issues ?

1、yes, index patterns, visualizations and other bolts created on one kibana instance will be reflected on the other kibana instances.
2、Logically, Another kibana instance will display same page that created through the failed kibana instance without any manual intervention.
3、 nignx itself can be configured into HA by floating ip.

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