Kibana Graph - Vertex color change and Arrows (Directed edges)

  1. Is it feasible to display "direction edges" instead of lines, to demonstrate the relationship between node A and node B?

  2. Can the Vertex color between the nodes be changed?

Hi @Uvitha

currently there's no way to display direction edges between nodes. There's no explicit way to understand the direction in the Graph API, as two terms are connected only when there's a co-occurrence between the two, with no direction concept.

As for the node coloring, there are two options available:

  • either change the color for the field type

  • Or manually change the color for a selected node:

Hi @Marco_Liberati , Thank you for the quick response. For point #2, we are checking if we can change the line color. Is it possible to change the line color?

No, currently there's no way to change the line color (neither manually or programmatically).

You can open a new issue here for a feature request on Graph: Issues · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Thank you.

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