Kibana 5 Graph Node Colors

(Perry) #1

I am learning how to use the Graph feature in Kibaba 5 I have a simple graph that is shown in the uploaded image. I would like to have my Subject in the center of the graph display as a different color then the outer nodes

If I select one of the nodes I see one of the option on the work space is to custom style selected vertices and I am shown several colors to select. However clicking on one of the colors does not do anything. How can I set these colors?

(Perry) #2

I have discovered the answer to the problem. It is a browser issue. When I use Chrome as my browser the colors are shown, when I use Edge they are not displayed and all are shown in gray scale. Are there any plans to make Graphs compatible with Edge?

(Brandon Kobel) #3

@ppierce01 Edge is a supported browser, so if you're experiencing issues, it'd be great if you'd file an Issue here:

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