Kibana - Group by zipcode

I have a classical user index with there address. I wanted to to a visualisation (text, histogram) with the count of each area (aka group zip_code like 75*). I can only have visualization of the count of each unique zip code. I want to regroup 75000 with 75100 with... and have the final count for this area.

Just so I understand this right, you're looking to not use the exact zip code, but want it to be a subset and group on that?

If so, I would recommend using a scripted field, and aggregate on that. You can create the scripted field under Management > Index Patterns

Yes @tylersmalley,

The zip code here is 5 numbers, only the first two are the "department". I want to know how many customers I have in Paris area (75xxx).
The scripted field seems to be the right way to do it. I don't get hoe I will do that yet since the regex seems to be off by default.

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