Kibana hangs browser tab while populating dashboard


I have a requirement of showing data tables having approx 8 to 10 columns with large data (approx 250k or more).
But it seems like fetching of data is successful but Kibana cannot render the table and webpage become unresponsive.
I want to know is it a known problem of Kibana and what can be the possible solution for this?

Hi Jay,

  1. What version of Kibana / Elasticsearch are we talking about?
  2. What kind of visualization are you using to build the table? Kibana does have a few different options for this.
  3. Are you seeing this problem when just rendering the visualization alone in the visualization builder?
  4. How are you determining that fetching the data is successful?
  5. Can you tell exactly how many buckets are coming back from Elasticsearch for your aggregation across the 250k documents?

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your reply.
Here are the answers of your questions:

  1. Kibana/ Elasticsearch version is 6.2.3
  2. I'm using visualization type 'Data Table' to build table.
  3. Yes, the problem exists when I just visualize table alone in the visualization builder.
  4. The data table keeps on rendering but on viewing the spy panel I can see data.
  5. The number of buckets is 7 each having bucket size 1000.


Would you be able to share a screenshot of your data table configuration in the visualization editor? I wonder if it could have anything to do with formatting the type of metrics or aggregations.

Hi, some other thoughts for ideas:

  1. What type of browser are you using?
  2. Does your issue look similar to a Discover issue that has been filed: ?
  • Sorry, but I cannot share screeenshot.
  • I am not doing any formatting, I have 1 metric which is count and 7 buckets which has fields each having bucket size approx 1000.
  • I am using Google chrome but I have checked it on Firefox as well but still facing same issue.
  • No, the issue you have mentioned is related to discover page but I have 'datatable' visualization.

Are you seeing any errors in the browser console?

Nope, no error in console.

Hi, sorry but I'm not sure what might be happening. I reached out to some other folks and I haven't found anyone who recognizes this issue.

Would you mind filing an issue in the Kibana Github repo?

Hi Tim,
I am having exactly the same issue mentioned by @jay_shah. I have got 50K documents in total. I am using 6.1.4 (elk). I have data based on years starting 1979 till date. Data loads correctly if the time range is for 30 days, 60 days or a 1 year. After that the visualization is too slow to load if I go beyond that. After looking at each visualization carefully data table visualization appears to be the bottleneck the Bucket Size is field if it increases the visualization become slow. In general I have 52000 unique records, am not show on what basis should I set this in the data table visualization. Any help would be great !

6.2.x and 6.1.x are the previous minor version from the latest, which is 6.3.2. Not sure if it would be possible for either of you, but I'm curious if a staging environment of 6.3.x could be set up and we can see if the problem still happens with the latest version.

Please standby I will create a VM with 6.3.x and send you the link my data is open !

Hi @tsullivan,
thanks for standing by
please have a look at this temporary vm and look at rasff_Dashboard_V3. If you change the date for 30 days the performance is ok, but more than a year the browser crashes the problem is with data table Bucket size field. Can you please have a look at it ?

Background of the VM I have got 200 GB main memory and I have set the heap size of elasticsearch to 32gb in the jvm.options file in the config directory I have made the following settings

hope this helps !

Hi anandgavai,

Thanks for the temporary VM with the data, that does help!

I looked at the query generated by the table visualization, and ran it in Dev Tools. It isn't taking Elasticsearch a long time to generate the result, but the result is a HUGE amount of JSON data. I copied that result data into an editor and it's 416,757 lines.

When I went into the visualization editor (don't worry, I didn't change anything) to run that visualization by itself, it took awhile for Elasticsearch to return the response payload, but not terribly long.

This definitely looks like a front-end performance issue, as Elasticsearch is actually performing very well for the search (that 32-gig heap size certainly helps!)

I captured a performance profile of the work that the browser is doing while this table renders, and I'm going to share it with the Kibana visualization team. They're already aware of some performance issues in this visualization, but I don't think there are any issues filed on it. I have filed, which we can follow for updates from the engineering team.

Hi @tsullivan,
Thanks for your response.

Alternative approach:
Please have a look at rasff_Dashboard_V4 at the same url . Here instead of using "data table" visualisation type I am using a saved search called table that I created in Discover. Now embedding this within this dashboard the performance here appears to be perfect !

However I am not able to provide my users possibility to download these data as a CSV format. Is there a quick hack that I can utilize to provide this functionality ? or alternative suggestions ?

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