Kibana hangs during search for logs containing base64


we are running into a problem where kibana starts hanging when a search is performed in which logs are returned that contain base64 in a message field. The field encompases an api response with among others 10 mb of base 64. In these cases and will cause kibana to either hang or return an "ReleasableBytesStreamOutput cannot hold more than 2GB of data" error when more then 10 of the results contain a message of this kind. We have been unable to split the response messages over multiple fields and other parts of the response message need to remain searchable. Is there a way to keep the reponsmessage searchable while improving performance for searches which include these logs as a result?

Hi @duch,

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Can you explain more about why you can't split the response message or split your search across multiple queries? Generally we would recommend avoiding large queries like this that breach the limit.

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