Kibana is slowly reponsing

Hi all,

I have 57.000 documents in a 1 index (1 shard and 1 replicas). total size of index is 1.2 gb but my logs are so long i mean 1 document has 120 -150 k characters or more.

my elasticsearch is using 8gb of ram and 100mbps net on my elasticsearch server i need some help about querying.

1 ) my search time is 100ms but kibana resonds in 30000 ms etc. why ?
2 ) i am trying to get logs from url like"OK"
but page is loading on too much time.
3 ) if i try to get 10000 documents it gives me error like your documents are bigger than 2 gb. how can i get documents bigger than 2 gb ? Specially on kibana ?

Please help me i am stuck. :slight_smile:

this will be a limitation due to how Kibana works. Huge documents are not really supported that well in Kibana. The only way that I see that you can work with them is via queries to Elasticsearch, without an UI.

You can use source filters, under index-pattern management, to exclude large fields from the response. That will significantly speed up responses since large amounts of data will be excluded from Elasticsearch _search responses.

For SQL statements, only request columns that are needed and avoid requesting columns with large field sizes.