Kibana hangs on creating first index pattern

ES version 6.6.1 Kibana version 6.6.1
Fresh install on a Mac, trying to create a new index pattern and Kibana hangs. No errors in terminal for ES or Kibana. I see a bunch of posts here about this, and recommendation to see errors in web console, but i've never seen any logging in my kibana dev tools console, I must be misunderstanding what console is being referred to.

Hello David. Depending on your previous use with ELK & Kibana. The following may help...

Things to check:

" When you define an index pattern, the indices that match that pattern must exist in Elasticsearch and they must contain data. To check which indices are available, go to Dev Tools Console and enter GET _cat/indices . Alternately, use curl -XGET "http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices" ."

If using a Beat to provide data to your instance...

You sound like you are in the correct place for the Kibana Dev Tools - Console. You'll just need to determine what you want to look for and the run the queries to get the results & errors.

I'd recommend the one from the quote above to see if you have any indices to create an index from.

GET _cat/indices

Without more specifics those are some common complications found with a fresh install.
Mac specific I will be able to provide little.


Thanks, yes i should have stated that i have indexes with data, and they show up in the create index list. i recall i can name my index pattern 'foo' if i have an index named 'foo', correct?

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