Kibana health check for ingress health check?

What's a lightweight endpoint that I can specify for a health check (to be used for

I've seen /health suggested, but that takes a quarter of a second to send vast quantities of data - basically the login screen - whereas what I'm after is something with a lightweight footprint that just delivers a 200 if Kibana is running, without requiring authentication?

Hey @TimWardFS,

I took a look at what our Kubernetes operator operator uses for its readinessProbe. It actually uses /login at the moment, which you can see here: cloud-on-k8s/pod.go at master · elastic/cloud-on-k8s · GitHub

There are discussions around and work being done on adding better health endpoints. A good starting point for some of this would be here: Create health check endpoint · Issue #46984 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

So, it looks like the login page is currently your best bet, but this will be changing in the future.


Ta. I've been using /login, calling it only once every three minutes so not a significant performance hit, but a more lightweight endpoint would look better.

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