Kibana HTML Iframe

Hello everyone,

I have just installed ELK suite in order to visualize logs produced by a system.

For users, i have a remote HTML interface with a Kibana Iframe (i use the share functionality to present a snapshot of a dashboard).
In this dashboard, there is a "Tag Cloud" visualization which displays names of log files which correspond to the period of observation.

In my HTML page, I want to get these names of logs files with JavaScript (I know that the file has a specific extension), but I can't parse the dashboard because it's an Iframe.

I don't have any idea of solutions which can help me.

Can anyone help me ?


you could request the same kibana url that you use in iframe from javascript and parse that.

Yes, but if a user zoom on a specific periode, how do i get the the start and end date in order to request the good URL ?

iframes url should represent the full state of what the user is viewing, so reusing that url (not the initial one, but you should read it at the time that you want to do the request), but i am not sure that will be possible (or will iframe just return you the original url) ...

I'm not sure that we can get the updated URL with the good time period.

At least, I haven't found a way to do it.

i am not sure what else could you do out of the box could try to write a plugin for kibana that would notify your app about state changes, but that is probably gonna take quite some effort.

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