Dashboard kibana in a html file

I try to create a html file and to insert a kibana dashboard (ex:)

but when I filter in kibana the src change (ex:) but i cant' recover from html file the iframe src filtered of kibana.

I would recover into html file the iframe src, dynamically.

thanks a lot Valentina

Hi Valentina,
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'recover from html' and 'recover into html'.

Here's what I just did as a test.

  1. In Kibana, I created an Area Chart, saved it, and clicked the Share button.
  2. I copied the iframe html and pasted it into a new file 'kibana.html'
  3. I surrounded the iframe with <html><body><iframe here></body></html>
  4. I opened that file and I could see and interact with the Area Chart (all of Kibana in fact)
  5. I added my saved visualization to a dashboard and saved that.
  6. I clicked Share button, and copied that iframe into my kibana.html file and it also worked as expected.

Is this what you're trying to do?


I think part of your original post got cut out. If you type some html you should select it, and then click the 'Preformatted Text' icon. It looks like </>

I must simulate kibana with a file.html.

  1. in kibana , I created a dashborard.
    2)I clicked Share button and I copied the source of iframe into : < iframe ......./iframe> in a file.html.
    3)In the file.html I clicked Go and from javascript :alert(document.getElementById('iframe').src); I recover the http of Kibana Iframe.

  1. I filtered in the kibana iframe .

  2. I clicked Go but I see the same http without a kibana filter. I must see the http modified with the filter directly from the file.html with the click of Go button?

Hi Valentina,

What is the code for the Go button? Can you paste the whole page contents here?


Untitled Document
  1. I click Go button

    3)I filter into kibana iframe

    4)I click Go button
  2. I must see the src changed with the filter .(filters:!((meta:(disabled:!f,index:'*-audit',key:action,negate:!f,value:LOGIN))