Dashboard kibana in a html file

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I try to create a html file and to insert a kibana dashboard (ex:)

but when I filter in kibana the src change (ex:) but i cant' recover from html file the iframe src filtered of kibana.

I would recover into html file the iframe src, dynamically.

thanks a lot Valentina

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Hi Valentina,
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'recover from html' and 'recover into html'.

Here's what I just did as a test.

  1. In Kibana, I created an Area Chart, saved it, and clicked the Share button.
  2. I copied the iframe html and pasted it into a new file 'kibana.html'
  3. I surrounded the iframe with <html><body><iframe here></body></html>
  4. I opened that file and I could see and interact with the Area Chart (all of Kibana in fact)
  5. I added my saved visualization to a dashboard and saved that.
  6. I clicked Share button, and copied that iframe into my kibana.html file and it also worked as expected.

Is this what you're trying to do?


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I think part of your original post got cut out. If you type some html you should select it, and then click the 'Preformatted Text' icon. It looks like </>

(valentina) #4

I must simulate kibana with a file.html.

  1. in kibana , I created a dashborard.
    2)I clicked Share button and I copied the source of iframe into : < iframe ......./iframe> in a file.html.
    3)In the file.html I clicked Go and from javascript :alert(document.getElementById('iframe').src); I recover the http of Kibana Iframe.

  1. I filtered in the kibana iframe .

  2. I clicked Go but I see the same http without a kibana filter. I must see the http modified with the filter directly from the file.html with the click of Go button?

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Hi Valentina,

What is the code for the Go button? Can you paste the whole page contents here?


(valentina) #6
Untitled Document
  1. I click Go button

    3)I filter into kibana iframe

    4)I click Go button
  2. I must see the src changed with the filter .(filters:!((meta:(disabled:!f,index:'*-audit',key:action,negate:!f,value:LOGIN))

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