Kibana Iframe communicator: What is APP-STATE?

I am trying to use Kibana Iframce request and I saw the post which says:

myIframe.contentWindow.postMessage('searchRequest###' + this.iframeFinalUrl, '*'); this.iframeFinalUrl is your kibana URI containing the complete dashboard data such as: http://{KIBANA-HOST}/app/kibana#/dashboard/{OPTIONAL-DASHBOARD-NAME}?embed&_g={GLOBAL-STATE-DATA}&_a={APP-STATE-DATA}

But what exactly needs to be sent in the GLOBAL-STATE-DATA and APP-STATE-DATA ?

You can download and run the open source version of Kibana to see what gets set in app and global state, but it's stuff relating to the state of the current page, such as the index pattern, vis type, etc.

Here's an example:


Thanks a lot for the example. I will try that with iframe communicator.

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