Kibana Iframe Communicator


I'm start on kibana and javascript and i search how to work the plugin Kibana-Iframe-Communicator .
I try to send to my dashboard different filters using windows.postmessage but I do not understand how to format my request
Is there anyone who already use this plugin?

thank you in advance

@Mehdi_Chilla I don't have any experience using this plugin, but from looking at the in that github repo, it looks like you might be able to do so using:

myIframe.contentWindow.postMessage('searchRequest###' + this.iframeFinalUrl, '*'); this.iframeFinalUrl is your kibana URI containing the complete dashboard data such as: http://{KIBANA-HOST}/app/kibana#/dashboard/{OPTIONAL-DASHBOARD-NAME}?embed&_g={GLOBAL-STATE-DATA}&_a={APP-STATE-DATA}

You might have better success posting in the GitHub issues for this repo.

Thank you for your answer .
I managed to make it work properly
I will watch if I can close this post


@Mehdi_Chilla I'm glad to hear you were able to figure it out!

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