IFrame Communicator Plugin - now available

Hi everyone.
We created an IFrame communicator plugin which enables you controlling an embedded (in an iframe) Kibana dashboard. (instead of reloading the whole page when you require a change)
The plugin demonstrates how you can communicate with the internal Kibana AngularJS framework.

It's currently not well documented (at all) - but if you need help with this - feel free to contact us and if this gets some more attraction we will add some examples
The code is available under:

Benjamin Bondi

Very nice, thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

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@bondib1 Can you please elaborate what this plugin offers.I am not clear about the offering as there is hardly any documentation at all. Some video or screenshot should help. I use kibana visualizations inside an iframe from another application. So, this could be useful for me. Thanks for sharing your work.

:+1: This is exactly what I need.

How can we use it after installation ?
I don't understand.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give some hints how to use this. It could be exactly what we need.

Thanks for taking the time to build it.

Thanks for your work. can you please elaborate how it works?

Sorry for the VERY long delay - just now updated the readme file - hope it's better now....

Just now updated the readme file with more detailed explanations on how to use. Sorry for the long delay.

Just did...

Just did. Please see updated readme file. Thanks!