KIbana Index always reset suddenly


i want to ask why my data in kibana always reset with randomly time. ( i noticed this when i open discover, the data date always reset)
i've been searching for long time and yet i still don't get the solution.
please help, i am new in this elk world.


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What version are you on? Are you using docker? Is your cluster exposed to the internet?


7.8.1. ya im using docker. yes it is connected to internet

Are you using Security to control access to your cluster?
Are you using persistent volumes for the container?

acces cluster ? u mean the server or the kibanaweb. srry i really" new in this
and this where can i check the persistent volumes

Do you have access control setup on your cluster, or is it just exposed to the internet?

You normally define a persistent volume in your docker file, or the command you run to start the container. Otherwise any data that is stored in the container will be lost if it is stopped.

its just exposed. i think i can access it from everywhere.

is this a default config ? whre can i see it

For which part?

the persistant volume,

i mean, i really need a config to fix this sudden reset is old but still uses the same approach.

Otherwise Elasticsearch dockerfile persistent volume on your favourtie search engine will return something.

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still cant,

anw, im using filebeat for my logs to kibana,
is it normal when i open index management policy there is no index policy for filebeat ?
should i make it manualy ?

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