Kibana index settings and dashboards are always lost when updating elk container


I have a docker container with elk deployed, with mount binding for /var/lib/elasticsearch , and when I recreate the containe, elasticsearch data are not lost ( I have correcly my logs), but everything related to Kibana is lost !! Before recreate the container I start from my host the command metricbeat setup --dashboards , and everytime I recreate the containe , I must recreate Index pattern and restart the setup of metricbeat.

Is this the normal way ? I have read that with the mount binding for ES data, kibana config is not lost, so I'm a little bit confused :wink:

Thank you !

Have you configured persistent storage for where Elasticsearch stores data? This is set through the parameter and the default value depends on how you installed Elasticsearch.

No it was default settings, I have configured now elasticsearch.yml like this : /var/lib/elasticsearch

And effectivly, now my index patterns are staying :wink:

But I continue to have problem with dashboards :

I don't know why this error appear, my index pattern name is the same as waht the dashboard want's !

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