Kibana index fields limit

We noticed some problem, very similar to this one

We have one index with ~8900 fields (due to stats reporting different number by region, user etc.) We recently just added two more fields into that index. Then this happened.

These new fields will cause a problem that shows on the top of Kibana page
Could not locate that index-pattern-field (new fields name)

I went to setting, there is only 2110 fields been cached on Kibana, we have to refresh index setting in order to get more fields pop up (After refresh, the number changed from 2110 to ~8900) then we have the new field shows up and working well for a while. After refresh the page, or few minutes, the error message pop up again, and we noticed that the number of fields been reset back to 2110.

Is there known issue about it? or is there any Kibana limit that I can change? Is there a solution?

I filed an issue for this, as I ran into a similar situation when trying to generate a very large number of unique fields in my index.

So what is this limit? 2K?
Is that possible to change it anywhere?

The default limit is 1000 fields, but you can change it with the index.mapping.total_fields.limit setting.

From what I see, I don't think it's same limit. We use default limit everywhere. Ideally it should be 1000 based on the link you posted. However, the maximum can show on Kibana is 2200.

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