Kibana index patterns and date math

Maybe it's already possible, but it doesn't seem so to me.

I want to create an index pattern in Kibana that slices my elastic search data to the last X number of days (something like the last 3). I know that I can create aliases in elastic search, but as far as I can tell they are static at the time of creation and don't directly support "date math" (as defined here:

As far as I can tell the kibana "create pattern index" tool does not allow anything other than a wild card character (no date math), which means my indices (which contain a day based time stamp) could at most be limited to a specific month, and even then I would have to create a new pattern for each month, and then update all my views and visualizations to reference the new data. Plus a month is way more data than I need.

Is there another option here? Or is that a potential feature request? It does make a big difference in performance on resource limited machines (see my other post about the raspberry pi).

Could you not add an alias with a filtered query to your template like this:

PUT _template/test
  "index_patterns" : ["test-*"],
  "aliases" : {
    "last_3_days" : {
      "filter" : {
        "range": { "@timestamp": { "gte": "now-3d" } }
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Ok I didn't understand the "template" concept at the time I first read this. Thank you for the suggestion, and that is in the right direction, but if I understand index templates and aliases correctly, then this will not automatically remove indices that have been added previously but are now outside this 3 days window? In other words this only takes care of autoadding new indexed date to the alias, but cleanup must be done manually?

After writing my last edit... by random google chance I learned about "Elasticsearch Curator". After doing my own integration with my docker environment and tweaking it a bit, I was easily able to get exactly this behavior with the curator. Why is this thing not a standard part of the officially support ELK-Docker-Stack, it's exceptionally helpful!

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