Kibana index shows index management but not in index patterns

Single node ELK 6.8 setup with an default index pattern logstash-* . Looking in Index Management shows logstash-ftp- index but when I open Index Patterns there is no logstash-ftp-* pattern to choose from. Also there is no data from this index searchable under Discover. When quering Elasticsearch via curl the index is indeed alive and contains data. It seems all indexes named logstash-ftp- are skipped for some reason by Kibana.
Other index data is available via Kibana such as logstash-smpt-.
Any idea where to look for?

hi @bohm

this could be expected. Index patterns are not created automatically.

In index-patterns, can you click "Create index pattern" and start typing logstash-* , it should detect the logstash-ftp- index.

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Hi Thomas,
Indeed that did the trick, thanks!
But why are the other index patterns auto created and some not?

Ah I think I can answer this one myself, seems the script I use ( creates several dashboards but none for FTP data.

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