Kibana infinite loop with elastic operator on Kubernetes


So I'm facing this issue that seems to be around for a long time and dealt with in different manners, yet, I don't see a way to deal with it when using ECK. Any ideas on how to fix the kibana "infinite loop" (302) when trying to access it?

  • ECK 1.2
  • Elastic Stack 7.8.1
    This error happens even with a curl from within kibana pod curl http://localhost:5601/personalized-path -L
    This is the kibana relevant configuration for this issue:
    server.basePath: "/personalized-path"
    server.rewriteBasePath: false false
        disabled: true

I've tried different combinations of rewriteBasePath and secureCookies, but no luck with those.

Also relevant, this kibana is behind a proxy that uses https, so lab users will be connecting to "https://someurl/personalized-path/" which will get redirected to the proper k8s service and then get to the kibana service on http.

Thank you!

This sounds like an issue with the proxy settings and their interaction with the Kibana settings. What are your proxy settings?


The issue happens with a curl from the container itself like "curl http://localhost:5601/personalized-path/login -L". That would leave the proxy out of the equation (at least for now :slight_smile: ).

This is fixed now, but I'm still not being able to make it work as intended but I'll close this topic and open a new one.

The configuration that worked is the same as shown above, only that the rewrite has to be true and the curl, needs to hit the path like this "/personalized-path/login"

Thank you wylie!

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