Kibana Installation and Remote Client Configuration

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Successfully installed Kibana on CentOS Plateform where i can logged successfully on Dashboard but unable to add Remote Client Server on Kibana Dashboard.

so please assist.


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Can you give me more details on what you are trying to achieve here? I'm having trouble understanding.
I assume that since you logged in successfully in Kibana, both Kibana and ES are working. So what is the Remote Client Server? Is it something that you want to monitor?

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My client system is centos based system and install filebeat on this system. I am already configure conf file of filebeat. then refresh the kibana server, message content are showing under filebeat option in kibana but how to other server add and shown the other-2 ip in kibana. how can visualise the attached server.

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I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you have more than 1 server that is running filebeat and sending data to your Elasticsearch?

It sounds like you did create an index pattern in Kibana for filebeat-* and can see data.

So now you're asking how to tell which data is from which server? Or to make visualizations or dashboards for each server?

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