Access Kibana 7.8 outside of LAN

My web servers running CentOS 7 are on AWS. I am running Elasticsearch and Kibana on a local VM also running CentOS 7 and what logs shipped there. Logs are flowing fine to Elasticsearch from the remote web servers.

Unfortunately for the life of me I cannot get the remote servers to see Kibana. When I run a curl http://myip:5601/api/status or I get a failure. When it do it from another machine in my LAN it works fine. I have set to Port forwards are set correctly, same as Elasticsearch which is working. Help! What am I missing?

@prophoto, what do you mean by your remote servers not seeing Kibana? Can your Elasticsearch instance not see Kibana or does Kibana not see your Elasticsearch instance?
If it's the latter, try restarting Kibana and make sure that your is set in the kibana.yml file.

Kibana and ES are on the same local server in my Office LAN so they communicate fine. I have multiple web servers running CentOS 7 on AWS that Run Filebeat/Metricbeat and store data in the local ES instance just fine. But for some reason those web servers do not see Kibana instance.

I must confess, I don't know why you would need the web servers to see Kibana. Kibana only needs access to the data in Elasticsearch, which is where Filebeat and Metricbeat are sending the data.

Initially it was to setup Dashboards for Metricbeat/Filebeat. Since then I used the locally running Metricbeat/Filebeat to add the dashboards.

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