Not able to connect remotely


I have installed Elasticsearch and Kibana which are active and in running state in SC Linux machine. I'm not able to connect to Kibana remotely from a Windows machine.
I have tried changing the to and disabled the firewall. I'm able to ping that machine from my machine but not able to connect to kibana.

Please help me with this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Dharma Sanjay Reddy M.

Can you confirm which port Kibana is listening to? Can you access Kibana locally from the SC Linux machine?

Hi Bargs,

Thanks for your quick response.
My bad :frowning: There was some network issue due to which I was not able to connect to Kibana.
Now everything is working fine.

Thanks ,
Dharma Sanjay Reddy M.

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Hi @Bargs

Sorry to trouble you again.
I have installed X-pack in Elasticsearch and Kibana. Now again I'm not able to access Kibana remotely. Kibana is listening to 5601 and Kibana is working fine locally but bot able to access remotely.

[root@elk01 etc]# curl -u elastic:changeme        
 <script>var hashRoute = '/app/kibana';
var defaultRoute = '/app/kibana';

var hash = window.location.hash;
if (hash.length) {
  window.location = hashRoute + hash;
} else {
  window.location = defaultRoute;

Please help me out with this issue.

Thanks in advance,
Dharma Sanjay Reddy M.

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