Kibana Unable to show all hosts

Dear all, I would urgently seek your help. Currently, I have setup a ELK Server on Ubuntu, with Filebeat setup on CentOS, and forwarding data to Ubuntu ELK Server.

However, from Ubuntu when i access Kibana, the dashboard will display the log files for Ubuntu only, and not for CentOS. Similarly, if I access the dashboard on CentOS Machine, I will only be able to see log files from CentOS machine, and not from Ubuntu.

I would like to be able to see all the hosts file through Kibana dashboard, regardless where the dashboard is accessed. It seems that accessing a particular's machine would only display its own logs. Please help!

ELK Server on Ubuntu
Filebeat configured on both Ubuntu and CentOS, and data can be parsed to elasticsearch

Can you show us your config files for all components of the stack?

Dear Christian,

Thanks for your quick reply! Here is the config files for the Stack.

Sorry its a bit messy.

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