Kibana installation issue

(kiran) #1


I am trying to install Kibana 6.3.0 on windows through command prompt. But installation is not getting completed.

please find the details in screen shot.

(Charaf Ahmed) #2

It seems to me that everything is working well.

(kiran) #3

it didn't showed me that installation completed. After closing the command prompt window, I am not able to browse kibana url in browser

(Charaf Ahmed) #4

Actually, you must not close the terminal (cmd).
If you close it, it's as if you stop the kibana process, so the url will not work

(kiran) #5


That means the CMD should always up and running.

This is not the case with earlier kibana (5.0).

Now since I have close the CMD, how I need to open it again? Kindly help.

(Charaf Ahmed) #6

I do not really know the Windows system. but actually, you have to install it or launch it as a process.

Here is a link that can help you:

(system) #7

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