Kibana installation on Centos

Hi All,

I am trying to install ELK on VM with Centos.
Problem Statement-1-I am getting error for permission /var/log/kibana : operation not permitted while trying to start service with defined user.
2- When the kibana(sudo service kibana start) is started with 'root' user on command line it shows 'kibana started' but 'service --status-all' gives 'kibana not running' also not able to make web access for same.

Please suggest where I am missing.

What version, of KB and CentOS?

[quote="warkolm, post:2, topic:57174"]
of KB and CentOS?
[/quote]KB-4.5.3-X86_64_ & CentOS 7

I reffered below link & able to install kibana-