Kibana Error : Kibana should not be run as root. Use --allow-root to continue

Hi All ,

After the installation of kibana 7.3.1 rpm (Cent Os) , when I am running the binary by command


its showing an error messsage

"Kibana should not be run as root. Use --allow-root to continue."

When I am tried with this command "./bin/kibana --allow-root" , issue was solved . Kibana run successfully ?

Is there any changes in Kibana 7.3.1 ? Why this error message comes ?

Hi @rijinmp -

Yep, what you are running into is expected and was introduced in this PR that landed in 7.2

As the PR explains,

Kibana shouldn't need root access to run - generally it's a good practice to run with the least amount of privileges

We would recommend instead using service kibana start to run as the kibana user, since running as root can cause issues.

Do we need to create a user "kibana" in centos ?

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