Kibana instance with multi node elastic cluster


Elastic 7.11.1

Lets' say I have 3 node elastic cluster and I would like to access this cluster through kibana.

  • node-1
  • node-2
  • node-3

How should I proceed, I mean, should I:

  1. install kibana on each of these 3 servers
  2. or install kibana onto just one of these cluster nodes
  3. or install kibana onto separate server

P1 probably is not a good idea. But the advantage with it is that, whenever some of these 3 cluster node servers are down, then I still have access to kibana UI.

With P2, P3 - the con is, whenever this kibana instance is down, UI cannot be accessed.


It is recommended to install it on a separate server/cluster.
Some info.

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