Kibana Clustering

Hi guys
I`ve using a cluster with 5 nodes (Elasticsearch)
The question is, in "Stack Monitoring" I see GREEN health and OK nodes(one of them is master) but my Kibana is like this:

How can I have multi-instance of Kibana? I think I can also have a cluster only for Kibana (Despite of Elasticsearch cluster)

Can you help me where can I begin for clustering Kibana?!?

Why do you want to have a Kibana cluster? Does it have sense? :thinking:

Kibana only "reads" the data of elasticsearch, so if you have 2 instances of kibana, they will read from the same data. But having 2 kibanas does not mean more availability or security.

Kibana is not designed to be clustered. You can run multiple instances behind a load balancer if you want.

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