Multiple kibana in production

I want to setup elasticsearch cluster (3 master node+2 data node+2 coordinate node) and kibana also. We can secure this cluster and kibana with x pack security.There are 100 people who want to use kibana and each member can loggon on the kibana.And in future no of people can increase.Now the question is one kibana is enough to handle 100 people request or do i have to set up another kibana.
I have read the documentation of Kibana in production environment.But can't understand

It depends on the users and the amount of data. :slight_smile:

That doc describes using 2 kibana servers behind a load balancer for redundancy and for distributing load, depending on how good the load balanancer splits the traffic and chance.

We split our cluster across 2 "racks" and run one kibana server in each. We run an elastic client node on each Kibana server to do the coordinating, we don't run any other coordinating nodes. You could point Kibana at your coordinating nodes.

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