Kibana instances increasing on Docker

I am trying to run kibana5.1 and elasticsearch5.1 on docker using docker-compose.

  1. Using volumes for elastic search data
  2. Using volume for kibana config file

The challenge I am facing is when I use monitoring on kibana dashboard the no.of instances is increasing each time when I bounce docker-compose

• When I clear the elastic volumes for data indices first time the no.of instances show up 1
• Second time its increases to 2 …. So on
• If we clear the elastic volume data and bounce again the instance will be 1 and again each time we bounce the no.of instances increase for kibana

Any help is really appreciated.


Hi Vinoj,

Like Elasticsearch, Kibana writes a Persistent UUID when it first launches to disk. If you keep destroying the Kibana directory, then it will represent a unique instance when it restarts, even with the same configuration.

It sounds like you should probably be setting in the kibana.yml to something that will survive the destruction of the Kibana folders. It's also important that multiple Kibana instances should not share a data path.

For what it's worth, the instance count is relative to the timer in the top right. It sees 2 instances in that timeframe (I'm guessing 1 hour or 15 minutes). Once the instance no longer exists in the given timeframe, it will disappear from the overview.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks works fine when i map the /usr/share/kibana/data as Volume

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