Multiple instance of Kibana displayed in monitoring dashboard on same port

Currently I have deployed the ELK stack with Docker.

After making a small change in config I restarted all the docker containers. The Kibana monitoring dashboard is showing 2 instance of Kibana running and that too on same port. The docker ps and the netstat output shows only one process running. Attaching screenshots for ref

Am I missing something here that caused this or is it due to some bug.

Thank you

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Hello Hari,

I wonder if it's possible one of the containers didn't shut down cleanly. Have you run docker container ls to ensure there isn't an extra Kibana container instance running?


Hi Aaron
Sorry for the late replay but even with the docker container ls only one container of Kibana is visible.
This issue seems to be consistent for me. I notice this every time I do a docker-compose down and the docker-compose up -d.


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