Kibana interface not opening

Hi guys,
I took a snapshot for backup in Elasticsearch, then i was trying to restore it. When i was restoring i got an error saying index is open, then i closed my open indices, now unfortunately my kibana web interface is not opening and giving an error as [index_closed_exception]: closed.. now my question is how can i enter into kibana interface and open the closed indices. Iam using windows10..

I found this error in kibana logs
FATAL Error: Unable to complete saved object migrations for the [.kibana] index. Please check the health of your Elasticsearch cluster and try again. Unexpected Elasticsearch ResponseError: statusCode: 400, method: POST, url: /.kibana_7.16.2_001/_pit?keep_alive=10m error: [index_closed_exception]: closed,

T open indices run following command
C:\Users\Administrator>curl -u "crdetial_of_es" -XPOST https://localhost:9200/_all/_open --ssl-no-revoke -L
note: there should be curl installed in your machine. the location for it is C:\Windows\System32 in win10

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