Kibana interface opening problem

Hi Experts,

After installing elastic serach and kibana with 7.8.1 version
I am not able to open the Kibana landing page in chrome (or in any browser)

Curl output 
<h2 class="kbnWelcomeTitle">Please upgrade your browser</h2><div class="kbnWelcomeText">This Elastic installation has strict security requirements enabled that your current browser does not meet.</div></div><script>
            // Since this is an unsafe inline script, this code will not run
            // in browsers that support content security policy(CSP). This is
            // intentional as we check for the existence of __kbnCspNotEnforced__ in
            // bootstrap.
            window.__kbnCspNotEnforced__ = true;
* Connection #0 to host left intact

Please help me what is the solution 

From the curl output seems that Kibana is responding.

What instead is the output on the browser? Does it show something, an error, an empty page, 404?

Thank you

I got the solution, i have not opened source range in aws security group earlier.

I did it and working fine.
Thanks for responding.


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