Kibana is not showing proper data


I have installed ELK 5.6.8 on Redhat machine. I have connected mysql with ELK. In kibana discover I am able to see all the records of last 15 minutes but when I am trying to create a visualization of last 15 minutes records that time it shows the oldest data only. In visualization not shows all the records which are shown in discover page.

Can you please help me to solve this problem?

Hi @mamta,

What kind of visualizations are you trying to make? Most visualizations will aggregate the data so it won't appear like you see in Discover.

Thanks for reply.
I want to show visualization in data table format.

Can you send a screenshot of the visualization settings?


Which kind of setting do you asking for? I haven't done any setting in visualization.
Can you please look into this problem? @chrisronline

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